Smart Awards

Smart Awards is approved by the Educational and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to offer end-point assessment services leading to the certification of apprenticeships for Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer (Electricity and Gas), Unified Communications Technician, Gas Network Operative, Network Cable Installer, Telecoms Field Operative and Highways Maintenance Skilled Operative.

Smart Awards have an established team of specialist assessors making sure that employers, training providers and apprentices are prepared fully for the end-point assessment as set out in the assessment plans.

We offer an efficient, cost-effective service that ensures apprentices are assessed to the required Standard and are awarded the grade that reflects their level of competence.

CABWI awards

CABWI awards Street Works and Street Works Reassessment qualifications under the New Roads and Street Works Act, and was one of the awarding organisations recognised in 1991 to develop and award the scheme under the original regulations.

CABWI is also recognised by Ofqual to award regulated vocational qualifications. Our current products include competence-based and knowledge-based qualifications, designed, in consultation with industry specialists, to meet the needs of those working in the water and other industries, and related occupations. CABWI’s regulated qualifications provide recognition of the vocational skills and knowledge for those working in key roles within the utilities and support the delivery of water industry apprenticeships.


A SHEA EUSR registration gives confidence there is the required knowledge and understanding to work safely in an operational environment.  The training embeds best practice in health and safety and environmental awareness and supports the HSE’s essential principles for good health and safety performance.

Our SHEA schemes are developed in collaboration with employers and key stakeholders from across the industries in our sector, so the content is relevant – all helping to improve the safety of the workforce and reduce costs associated with injury, illness or accidents.

The industry-specific content, sometimes called ‘contextualisation’, makes our SHEA schemes 100% relatable – it’s easier to understand the relevance to the day job – again supporting a safer workplace.


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